Summer Eyeshadow Palette – LaRoc 120 Colours


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Summer Eyeshadow Palette – LaRoc -120 Summer Colours

This 120 colour LaRoc summer eyeshadow palette has many colours to give you as many options as possible.  The colours include neutral, vibrant, shimmer, matte and speckled.  The colours are easy to view in the palette formation and is arrange in an intuitive way so you can find colours quickly.  If you are going for a dark smoky look or a bright and loud look, this palette keeps on giving and with easy shade being 19mm in diameter we are sure you won’t be disappointed.  Don’t forget that our summer eyeshadow palette is water resistant to keep your look going for as long as possible.

The casing is a black, sleek and stylish design and will travel with you everywhere!  L 22.5cm x W 14.2cm x H 1.7cm.

This eyeshadow has been formulated to be kind to all types of skin and is suitable for children over 12 years old. 

Don’t forget we also have a natural 120 colour eyeshadow palette also!