Large Eyeshadow Palette – LaRoc 180 Colour


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Large Eyeshadow Palette – LaRoc 180 Colour

Our 180 colour large eyeshadow palette is popular amongst our customers and also professional makeup artists due to its wide range in colour choice.  It features vibrant, shimmery, neutral, matte and speckled colours to help you create any look – dark, mysterious, loud, bright, fun – whatever you want it can give!  Each colour is 19mm in diameter and will therefore keep on going.  

The eyeshadow in the large eyeshadow palette has been made to be water resistant to ensure that your look doesn’t fade or melt away throughout the day or evening.

The black case is stylish and also features a mirror so no matter where you are with it, you can always see what look you are creating.  The box size is L 22.5cm x W 14.2cm x H 1.7cm. Mirror size: L 13.5cm x W 13cm

The eyeshadow set is suitable for 12 and over and is kind to all skin.